zakłady bukmacherskie(non-registered)
zakłady bukmacherskie
Hi Mick, love your pictures ! What camera do you use ?
Tim wace(non-registered)
Great photos Mick! I'll have to come and take a photography lesson from you soon to sharpen my skills... Great shots of the Roe Buck and the Mandarin. Otters next...
Really enjoyed looking through these.
All the Best
Simon Fowler(non-registered)
Wow Mick. Not only are you an amazing game keeper but also an amazing wildlife photographer. Much of the countryside and what resides in it and that you have captured so brilliantly is a result of you and your predecessors input. The Estate should be truly proud!
Great pictures. What a great place to live and work.
Barrie Stewart(non-registered)
You're becoming quite an accomplished photographer Mick; such clarity and composition. It's especially nice for me as I recognise much of the scenery from Fonthill. Seeing images of the wildlife you are associated with on a regular basis, makes me want to be back in keepering again at times - a distant life now, but with so many fond memories. Your images bring all of that back to life again, well done!
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